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Client List



Brief Description of Case


El Paso, TX

Proposed LLW Facility, Hudspeth County

Algoma-Manitoulin Nuclear Awareness

Gore Bay, Ontario

Elliot Lake uranium tailings decommissioning

Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

Seattle, WA Produce book on groundwater contamination at Dept of Energy facilities

Anita Adams et al, John Emerson, Atty.

Houston, TX

Personal injury cases re: uranium mining & milling in South Texas

Best Koeppel

Houma, LA

Personal injury to valve cleaner at T-3 Energy Services

Boyd County Local Monitoring Committee

Butte, NE

Environmental Impact of Proposed LLW Facility

Braidwood, Esther Berezofsky, Esq

Braidwood, IL Class action re. tritium contamination of groundwater

Brookhaven, MS Residents, Stuart Smith, Atty

New Orleans, LA

Health impacts of oil production

Bulot Family, Stuart Smith, Atty

New Orleans, LA

Occupational Exposure during oil pipe cleaning operations

C-10 Research & Education Fdn

Newburyport, MA Sample mussels near Seabrook reactor

Case family, Stuart Smith, Atty

New Orleans, LA

Dose reconstruction: oil field piping

CCAT -  Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste

Canyon City, CO

Radon concentrations from U mill tailings

Chandler Law Offices

Lufkin, TX

Ashland Oil contamination of soil and groundwater near Martha, KY

Chatham County PSLAC

Pittsboro, NC

Proposed SE Compact LLW Facility

Churchill County, NV

Fallon, NV

Transportation of radioactive waste to Yucca Mountain

Citizen Action

Albuquerque, NM

Risk of Sandia mixed waste landfill

Citizen Awareness Network

Shelbourne Falls, MA

Potential Risk from Decommissioning Reactors

Collmer, Mark, Esq

Houston, TX

U mining personal injury case

Clark County, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Transport risk to Yucca Mountain

Citizens Concerned about NMI

Concord, MA

Remediation of U basin at NMI

Concerned Citizens of Clark County

Marshall, IL

Proposed LLW Facility, Ill Siting Commission Hearings

Concerned Citizens of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Transport risk to Canadian repository

Concerned Citizens

Maywood, NJ

RI/FS proceedings re. Maywood thorium

Coalition of Environmental Groups

Toronto, Ontario

Ontario Environmental Assessment Board Hearings

Colorado State University

Ft Collins, CO

Review risk assessment, Los Alamos

Committee to Bridge the Gap

Los Angeles, CA

Proposed Ward Valley LLW facility


Concord, MA

Remediation of NMI/Starmet facilit

Dart, Henry, Esq

Covington, LA

Potential class action suit near Harvey Yard, LA oil pipe cleaning facility

Dodge family, R Lorenz, Atty

Colo Sprgs, CO

Dose reconstruction; Cotter U mill

Earth Justice

Oakland, CA

Transport risk of Pu from Rocky Flats to Lawrence Livermore Labs

Earthjustice - Pa'ina Hawaii

Honolulu, HI

NRC licensing of food irradiator

Finestone, Nancy LaVista, Esq

Port St Lucie, FL

Personal injury near nuclear reactor

Residents for the Protection of Lowman and Chemung Gary Abraham, Esq

Chemung Cty, NY

Disposal of contaminated rock cuttings


Washington, D.C.

Report on potential health effects, fire on plutonium ship Akatsuki Maru

Greenpeace, Canada

Toronto, Ont, Canada

Impact of hlw transportation from PWR to waste repository

Gulf Nuclear, Linda Shaw, Esq

Webster, TX

Personal injury during cleanup of contaminated facility

Hanford Downwinders; R Haber

Eugene, OR

Federal Court proceedings; reprocessing plant releases

Hardy McKenzie Border Guards

Victoria, TX

Personal injury due to radiation-emitting detector

Hobbie, Michael, Esq

Eatontown, NJ

Personal injury, nuclear worker

Idaho Attorney General

Boise, ID

Federal Court proceedings re. impact of transportation of sub fuel to Idaho

Inter-Church Uranium Coalition

Saskatoon, Sask.

EIS Proceedings re. U mining in Northern Saskatchewan before Federal Panel

Inyo County

Independence, CA

Transportation of radioactive waste to Yucca Mountain

ITCO, S Smith, Esq

New Orleans, LA

Personal injury to oil pipe cleaning workers

Kalamarides, Joe, Esq

Anchorage, AK

Personal injury to underground bomb testing worker

Kentucky Resource Council

Frankfort, KY

Potential Risk of oil production waste

King Groundwater Science, Inc.

Buffalo, NY

Radioactive contamination at LOOW vicinity properties, Niagara County, NY

Klimek, Jennifer, Esq

Edmonton, Alberta

Hearing on phosphogypsum expansion

Lake Michigan Federation


Proposed irradiated fuel storage at Point Beach and Palisades reactors

Lander County

Battle Mountain, NV

Transportation of radioactive waste to Yucca Mountain

LaVista, Nancy, Esq

West Palm Beach, FL

Personal injury near St Lucie reactor

LEAN - Louisiana Environmental Action Network

Baton Rouge, LA

Import of Italian low-level waste

Linde Ceramics, Antoinette Bonsignore, Esq

Redmond, WA

Critique of NIOSH dose calculation

Sierra Club and others, Richard J. Lippes, Esq and BJ Schulte, Esq

Buffalo, NY

Radon in natural gas from Marcellus shale

Longoria, R. de Anda, Atty.

Bruni, TX

Property damage due to in-situ uranium

LOOW, Gary Abraham, Esq

Lewiston, NY

Radioactive waste on hazmat landfill

Marina Owners, Watts Bar Reservoir, Wm Vines, Atty

Knoxville, TN

Federal Court proceedings, potential risk from Oak Ridge releases

Maxey Flats Concerned Citizens

Flemingsburg, KY

RI/FS Proceeding on Maxey Flats landfill

McAllen Ranch

McAllen, TX

Land contamination due to natural gas production

T. Miller, G. Marks, Atty

Irving, TX

Personal injury case re: x-ray exposure

Morningside Heights Consortium

Scarborough, Ontario

Remediation of Malvern contaminated soil

Mothers for Peace

San Luis Obispo, CA

Diablo Canyon dry storage

Niagara County

Lewiston, NY

Radioactive waste on hazmat landfill

NIRS - Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Takoma Park, MD

Potential contamination at Levy Cty, FL reactor site

Northwatch Coalition

North Bay, OH

Ontario Environmental Assessment Board Hearings

Novak Farms Toxic Comm

McDonough, NY

RI/FS Proceeding on Novak Farms dump

New Mexico Attorney General

Santa Fe, NM

Pu-transport Risk Assessment

Nuclear Waste Project Office, State of Nevada

Carson Cty, NV

Transport Cask Vulnerability

C. Pelton, J. Flood, Atty

Grayson Cty, TX

NORM Waste Contamination

Radioactive Waste Campaign

Warwick, NY

Review Radiac SAR

Reiseman, Neil, Esq

Morris Plains, NJ

Personal injury near former thorium plant

Sierra Blanca LDF

Sierra Blanca, TX

Proposed low-level waste facility

Sierra Club

Washington, DC

Nuclear transportation issues

Sioux Tribal Council

Welch, MN

Irradiated Fuel Storage/MRS at Prairie Island

Snake River Alliance

Pocatello, ID

Risk of INEEL high-level waste tanks

Spence, Gerry, Esq

Jackson, WY

U mining in New Mexico and Colorado


Amarillo, TX

Groundwater contamination at Pantex plant

State of Nevada

Carson City, NV

Analysis of potential nuclear transport accidents to proposed Yucca Mountain repository

Stephens & Stephens, LLP

Buffalo, NY

Radiation dose to Manhattan Project workers

Suffolk County, NY

Hauppague, NY

Review risk assessment Peconic Bay

Synapse Energy Economics - David Schlissel

Cambridge, MA

Hazard of recycling nuclear fuel

Tallahasee Area Community, Inc.( Jim & Kay Hawklee)

Canon City, CO

Health risk of U mill tailings

Thomas, Michael

Spinnerstown, PA

Risk of food irradiator

Towns of East Windsor, Ellington and South Windsor


Proposed LLRW Facility

Town of Wayne

New Jersey

Remediation of Rare Earth facility

Uranium Enrichment Project

Portsmouth, OH

Potential risk from Portsmouth GDP facility

Uravan, R Lorenz, Esq; M Englehart, Esq

Uravan, CO

Personal injury due to uranium mining and milling

Utah Attorney General

Salt Lake City, UT

Transportation & Storage Cask Vulnerability

W Chicago; T Trinley, Atty


Personal injury cases re. KMCC thorium waste

White Pines County

Ely, NV

Transportation Risk Assessment

Wyoming Minerals Corp., A Schirrmeister, Atty

Bruni, TX

Occupational exposures due to in-situ uranium mining

Tony Yan, D. Rodkin, Atty

New York, NY

X-ray exposure calculations


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